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Englert MicroGuard Leaf Shedding System

Put an end to cleaning debris out of your gutters

For many homeowners, one of the most tedious tasks to perform is cleaning the gutters. If you never want to have to climb up that ladder and spend hours pulling handfuls of muck and debris from your gutters again, we have a solution for you:

The Englert MicroGuard Leaf Shedding Gutter System has a micro-perforation leaf shedding system that keeps twigs, acorns, pine needles and other debris out of the bottom of your gutter. Its unique design also allows water to flow freely through the gutter trough and downspout and away from your home. This innovative and effective gutter system also features:

Benefits of MicroGuard

  • Heavy-gauge .032 aluminum construction that can withstand even the toughest weather conditions
  • 48 micro-perforations per square inch that allow water in but keep even the smallest debris out
  • Debris that doesn’t blow off and may accumulate on top of the screen can be quickly hosed off
  • Professional installation on almost any 5 or 6 inch gutter system
  • Great curb appeal with a design that doesn’t interfere with roof lines and is virtually invisible from the street
  • Does not penetrate your roof shingles and therefore will not void your roof warranty.

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