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Rain Chains

Beautify your home and add architectural value with unique and decorative rain chains. By replacing your traditional downspout, rain chains capture the senses, channeling water from the gutter system and creating a fountain effect.

Rain Chains originated in Japan hundreds of years ago for functional purposes. They were used to capture rain water to be used as running water in the home. This same technique was adopted throughout the world and utilized by the Purepecha Indians from Central Mexico.

Using the same technique as their pre-Columbian ancestors, artisans use the traditional Bonfire Method working the copper with nothing more than hammers and anvil to form beautifully crafted objects. New copper is a naturally rosy pink color that will oxidize with time creating a beautiful rich red or brown patina.

Rain Chains are manufactured by a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Holencik Exteriors, LLC values fair-traded products to ensure that our clients receive products that are produced by people who receive fair wages and ethical treatment, just as we pay fair wages and benefits to our own employees. We believe that the care and concern of workers ensure the production of a quality product.

Rain Chains integrate nicely with your gutter system and landscaping. Contact us for more information about how to incorporate them into your home.

Rain Chains In Action

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