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Eliminate Clogged Gutters Forever!

Leafproof As a homeowner, you or someone you hire cleans out your gutters about twice a year. You do it because you know it’s important to maintain efficient water flow and drainage off your roof and away from your home. Let Holencik Gutters, LLC install The Leafproof™ Gutter Guard System onto your home and you’ll eliminate clogged gutters forever.

Video demonstration of LeafProof

Benefits of LeafproofTM

  • Blends in with your gutters for that “finished look”
  • Rain enters gutters, even in the heaviest downpour
  • Leaves and debris are carried away by the wind or washed away by the rain

Before and After with Leafproof™

  • Adapts to the pitch of your roof
  • Prevents your gutters & downspouts from clogging
  • Eliminates the hazardous duty of cleaning out your gutters
  • Prevents water damage to your overhangs, siding and foundation
  • Manufactured of .024 aluminum to give it greater strength
  • Available in 9 colors of aluminum
  • Also available in 23 gauge copper
  • Lifetime material warranty
  • Factory trained and certified installers

Leaf Proof FAQ

How Leafproof™ Works

When rain hits your roof, no matter how steep it is, the water simply flows down off of the shingles, onto the drip edge (a metal strip installed under the shingles), and into the back of the gutter. The reason that the front of the gutter is approximately 4 inches from the back is to give water carrying capacity to the gutter and to allow space for the gutter to collect areas of concentrated water flow. Leafproof™ was designed with this in mind.

The 'S' Curve that runs the length of each 4-foot piece of LeafproofThere is an “S” curve that runs the length of each 4-foot piece of Leafproof™, giving the piece an “upper” and “lower” section. This “S” curve is a natural bending point, which allows the installer to custom fit the upper section of Leafproof™ to match the pitch of your roof, enabling the lower section to remain relatively flat. Water flowing off the roof will follow the contour of the “S” curve slowing the speed of the water flow.Surface Tension allows the flow of water to 'adhere' to the contour of Leafproof™ and flow backwards.

The water adheres to the contour of the “nose” of Leafproof™ allowing it to flow down and backwards into the water channel, falling into the gutter and out the downspouts. The scientific principle that allows the flow of water to “adhere” to the contour of Leafproof™ and flow backwards is called surface tension.

LeafproofTM Commercial

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